Beaver Builder option not in Admin Bar in lite version?


I am used to using BB pro, and I have tried setting a friend up with BB (lite version) but the admin bar is missing. So once I save a page in the builder, it closes and I cannot reopen the builder unless I go back to the Pages area in Dashboard.

Is this because we need pro version, so we get the theme?

No, it’s not. The WP Admin bar is not controlled by Beaver Builder. It could be turned off in the user profile or it could be caching. It can also be caused if you don’t have matching URLs in WordPress Admin > Settings > General.

I’m sorry, I meant the beaver builder option in the admin bar is absent. The admin bar is there, but I cannot activate BB from it. That’s why I was asking about the theme - I meant to ask if BB theme adds itself to the admin bar as an option since that’s what normally gives access to themer headers and footers.

Still looking for definite answer on this before we go Pro. Can anyone answer this please?

If a page is editable by the user using BB, the link will be in the admin bar. Thats all there is to it. If it isnt there either the page is not editable, or something else is messing with the admin bar

the theme doe not do anything with the admin bar. Themer does, separate plugin, it adds extra links to the beaver builder edit button in admin bar.