Beaver Builder Plugin error when opening page editor

Hi Good Day,

Hope this will be answer immediately. We have been encountering this error since we do the latest BB plugin updates. When we open any page (created using beaver builder) into beaver builder editor, the error below has been showing up in apache error log which we suspected that this has been causing 504 issue in our site. When we deactivated the BB plugin and reactivated it again, the error was gone but it keeps showing whenever we turn the page into beaver builder editor. Can you give us idea on how to fix this?

By the way:
We are using Multisite, The main site is created from scratch or default WordPress and the other site is created by Beaver Builder. The Beaver Builder Plugin is activated/enabled in Network admin. Current Version of Beaver Builder is 2.4.1 and PHP version is 7.2.30

[Fri Nov 20 12:43:52.829676 2020] [access_compat:error] [pid 2290:tid 139914347747072] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/html/wptmj/wp-admin/upgrade.php, referer:

Thank you

Im not sure the two are related to be honest.

Opening a page on the frontend of your website would never actually load wp-admin/upgrade.php in fact there is no code anywhere in beaver builder that would load that file directly.

Thank you for your responds. We tried to reinstall the BB plugin and so far the error is gone even though we’re accessing the BB editor of the pages. But we’re still monitoring the site.