Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version) Crashing Site Upon Activation

WordPress: 6.0.2
Plugin: Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version) Version

Error: " Internal Server Error"

I’m guessing it’s permission needed on some file or files but haven’t been able to find answer in knowledgebase.

I deleted the plugin and re-downloaded it with no luck.

What error is recorded in your server log?

[17-Oct-2022 18:40:13 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘WP_Filesystem_direct’ not found in G:\PleskVhosts[mysiteurlgoeshere\httpdocs\wp-admin\includes\file.php:2003

Not sure if this is the right spot but pulled from debug.log

Im not sure why the class wouldnt be there. BB uses and forces the direct method in WP to read and write to the compiled css and js in your uploads folder. If it wasnt using direct your would need to add your username and password for FTP every time BB wanted to write a file. Perhaps all your permissions are wrong for the uploads folder so WP cant use direct method. Have you considered not using windows to host websites?

My client went with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy support sent me this: but I don’t find anything helpful really.

Would this be standard permissions?

  • Root directory (usually public_html): 755
  • wp-admin: 755
  • wp-includes: 755
  • wp-content: 755
  • wp-content/themes: 755
  • wp-content/plugins: 755
  • wp-content/uploads: 755
  • .htaccess: 644
  • index.php: 644
  • wp-config.php: 640

You cant set any folder permissions like that if the site is on a windows host. This is why using desktop operating systems for hosting things is problematic.

I’ll have to use GoDaddy File Manager to set permissions. Do you have a recommended permission for Windows?

Just to add, this was working fine on my subdomain (on same host) then I copied the files over to my main domain and that’s when this started occurring. I’m just not sure what “doesn’t transfer” when you copy files via FTP like I did. I’m assuming permissions but could be wrong.

In desperate need for help.

Maybe you didnt copy all the wordpress files.

Yahtzee. I re-copied wp-includes and wp-admin folders and that did the trick. Thank you pross!

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