Beaver Builder plugin not working because of a parse error

Hi! The Beaver Builder plugin stopped working on my site, I get the following error message:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /var/www/ on line 881

I have just upgraded beaver builder, it might have to do something with that.


Can you help me what the problem is?

Thank you,

Sounds like you are using PHP 5.2

Beaver Builder will not work with PHP that old and neither should you, its end of life date was over EIGHT years ago.

Thank you for the hint, how can I upgrade the PHP version?

Depends, do you pay someone to host the site or are you the host?

I pay for the website hosting to a company. Should I ask them about the PHP version?

Yes I would, thats what you pay them for. Ask them why they are providing php that is a security risk and has been unsupported for 8 years.

Thank you very much for your fast support.
I’ll ask them about it.

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Hey pross, one more question: which PHP version shall I use? My web host offered to move my website to a server with PHP 5.6. Is that enough for this plugin?

5.6 is also EOL, i’d try upgrading to a host that supports PHP properly

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