Beaver Builder Plugin refund

Hello, since it has been stated on this forum that Beaver Builder plugin will not work with Cloudflare, can I please get a refund on the product?

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear! Beaver Builder does work with Cloudflare, just not CloudFlare’s Rocket Load feature which has to be disabled to use BB. The issue is coming from CloudFlare’s RocketLoader technology. Basically, that’s replacing all script’s type=”text/javascript” with type=”text/rocketscript” which means the scripts aren’t parsed when rendered dynamically by the builder because the browser ignores the rocketscript type.

We did some research and it looks like we’re not the first ones to run into this issue with that feature. Would it be a big deal for you to disable it while working with BB until we are able to come up with a fix or is this a deal breaker for you?