Beaver Builder Plugin Update failed

The Beaver Builder Plugin Update failed, The Maintenance message came up. I deleted that file. Now I have an upgrade folder with a bb-plugin-pro folder. Since that failed, do I delete the upgrade folder? OR delete the bb-plugin-pro folder inside the upgrade folder?

Sounds like WP didnt finish the update, Godaddy hosting?

You need to delete the empty folder in the plugins folder then reinstall with a new zip from your account.

The UPGRADE folder has some a BB-PLUGIN-PRO folder in it. Do I delete the UPGRADE folder or just the BB-PLUGIN-PRO folder inside it?

IDK where you are looking

In the wp-content/plugins folder if there is an empty bb-plugin folder, delete it. The bb plugin has no control over wordpress updates.

So, I just leave the UPGRADE folder with the BB-PLUGIN-PRO files that didn’t work in it?

I guess, where is that folder? What state is it in now has it updated or not?


NOT UPDATED yet it failed

So download a new copy of the plugin from your account area, and reinstall. I have no idea why there is a bb-plugin-pro folder, the plugin should not even be using that folder name.