Beaver Builder Posts module pagination doesn't work

Hello there!
I have a common news page (/news/) and bunch of news posts (custom post type news with slug /news/whatever/). I added Posts module on the News page, set up Custom Query in ‘Content’ tab. Now I see all news post here. Okay. Let’s move on and add pagination. Here I’ve got a problem. I got an error /news/page/2/ 404 (Not Found) on click on ‘Load more’ button. But! If I change news post slug from news to news123, for example, everything works as expected. So I guess there is a problem with slugs.
How can I fix pagination? Because I want nice post url, not /news123/whatever.

Finally I solved this problem! Yay! :grin::tada::clap:

Hi! Do you remember how you fixed this?