Beaver Builder Roadmap

Here’s a blog post we just published for those of you curious as to what we’re currently working on and what we plan to work on…

Hi Justin,

I am really interested in the alternating columns being able to pull into the correct order when on mobile devices.

Did we have a rough eta on this one haha?


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Hey Grant,

No ETA, but we have started column related development and will be looking into this soon.


I am a newby struggling with Wordpress and Beaver Builder. Can you recommend anyone who would give me some assistance over the phone for a reasonable price?

Just having a heck of a time, and need some help with the basics.


[email protected]

Hey Charles,

Sorry to hear! Have you taken a look at for general WordPress assistance? It’s a great resource, videos are easy to follow, etc. Check that out and let me know if it helps with WP in general.

Re. Beaver Builder videos, we have a Vimeo channel with our latest and plan on adding more as time goes on. You can also peruse Dynamik Beaver for videos made by our very own Colin!

Lastly, feel free to google Beaver Builder videos and several results from other users will come up that you can check out. It’s surprising how many videos our users have done in terms of tutorials! Hope that helps and let us know if we can assist further.