Beaver Builder site CLS issues (Google Pagespeed)


We designed our website with a BB child theme. The only major issue I’m having is that we get a very negative CLS score on Google Pagespeed Insights on almost every page. Our homepage doesn’t have this issue, but if I clone it then the copied version of the page does. As Google is set to make CLS a ranking factor in 2021, I would like to improve this. I have tried setting minimum content heights but my technical knowledge is limited. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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did you get an answer on this?


Unfortunately not! It’s still an issue. We haven’t had the chance to get a developer to look into it yet, and haven’t found any straightforward solution. There’s a significant shift within the first second or two of the page loading, afterwards it’s perfectly stable but it means many pages on our site are getting a poor CLS score for the desktop version (mobile is generally fine, probably because it’s a narrow single column layout).