Beaver Builder Theme breaking styling!


I am doing work for a client on a site that was built with the BB Theme. When the theme is activated (child or parent theme) it breaks the custom CSS I have added for my slider thumb. This effects chrome, brave, edge etc. and the only browser it doesn’t cause issues on is Firefox.

You can see an example here: Test Page – Rogues Real Estate

The slider thumb should be larger and match the the color of the footer.

It appears this is a widespread issue effecting CSS for multiple users!

Thanks, Jeff

I think bootstrap which is bundled with the theme is intefering with your progress bar code

There is also a counter module in BB that does the same sort of thing you are after.

If you have further issues open a ticket with support.

Thanks for the response!

I thought the same initially considering the blue is similar to their default color but I have blocked the URLs for bootstrap’s css/js and the issue persists so it’s looks like conflict with the theme itself.

I have submitted a contact form but not sure the client has an account as I think it was set up by the prior dev.

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