Beaver Builder Tool Bar Missing

The beaver builder top tool bar does not show up on several of my individual pages when I engage beaver builder from my dashboard. Sometimes it shows up the first time and then it disappears and I can’t get it back on that page. I click on pages > (select a page) > then click the button “launch beaver builder”. Then it opens the individual page for editing with NO beaver builder tools or buttons. It is impossible to edit my page without reverting to the standard editor which kills the original design of the site. I’ve cleared the cache and that didn’t help. I’ve checked all my updates and that didn’t help. I’ve logged out and back in and that didn’t help.

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I have the same issue all of a sudden today - can anyone help? Please?

First of all, this forum was completely unhelpful. I did the same thing as you and commented on another person’s thread about the same issue. An admin replied with zero help regarding the problem and only ridiculed me by claiming I was “me too-ing” the original thread. My solution was to DELETE Beaver Builder completely and start over with my website. It was worth the work to get rid of this headache. Good luck!

Sorry the community support forum was unhelpful, but it is meant to be community support. For actual support from Beaver Builder you need to open a support ticket.

Your issue could have been any number of things, host, custom code, theme… anything and it isnt something you can debug in a public forum with no details to work from, anyway im glad you figured out a solution.

I had this same issue and I believe there is a bug in When I deleted the plugin and installed everything works as expected. FYI, would’nt even work for me with no other plugins installed and the default Twenty twenty theme.

Please in that case open a ticket. If you have to downgrade a plugin to fix it it does sound like you are probably using php opcache and it is caching php files into ram, when wp updates plugins it does not clear that opcache so sometimes the old files will still be in the memory, you dont see it that often tho as 99% of hosts dont use this feature, they have it set so php checks the files have been changed.