Beaver Builder version

#1 - 04/25/2019

Hot Fix

  • Fixed issue with Grammerly, LastPass and Keeper browser extensions all breaking AJAX save actions.
  • Fixed schema output in post-grid module.
  • Dont show Beaver Builder enabled post count on our own post type pages.
  • Show warning on license settings page if Curl is not installed.
  • Debug mode will now auto turn off after 48 hours.
  • New filter fl_render_content_by_id_attrs in render_content_by_id function to filter the html attributes for the container.
  • New filters added for the UI Bar buttons text:
    • fl_builder_ui_bar_discard
    • fl_builder_ui_bar_draft
    • fl_builder_ui_bar_review
    • fl_builder_ui_bar_publish
    • fl_builder_ui_bar_cancel
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