Beaver Builder version 2.4.2

2.4.2 - 01/28/2021

  • Add compatibility with Assistant .6
  • Small changes to the Updates Unavailable message so it will show why updates are unavailable
  • Add Alpha/Beta updates opt-in setting in Settings > Tool admin page

Bug Fixes

  • Audio Module: Fix issue if audio file URL contains query strings
  • Callout Module: Fix border radius not affecting the image
  • Callout Module: Fix invalid HTML when using an icon
  • Gallery Module: Fix image sequence not being correct when going through images in lightbox
  • Heading Module: Fix Typography styling changes not showing as you change in Responsive Editing mode
  • Posts Module: Fix content options not toggling to hidden when they should
  • Search Module: fix fatal error when using Global Element with AJAX Search Results
  • Subscribe Module: Fix button styling applying to placeholder text
  • Video Module: Fix video embed code not specified notice not displaying when using connect field connection
  • Fix dark mode syntax highlighting
  • Fix BB UI icons not showing on Multi-Site subsites when FontAwesome Pro is enabled on the main network site
  • Fix PHP8 notices
  • Improvements to our sensitive code check to allow non-breaking space and other HTML entities
  • Fix namespaced widgets showing "Widget not available" message when you go back in to edit
  • Fix select fields showing in Responsive Editing mode when they should be hidden
  • Fix column width consistency issue on small devices when reverse stacking is enabled
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar on Windows machines when using a layout shortcode
  • Fix compatibility issue with All In One SEO when using a layout shortcode on the page
  • Fix compatibility with Real Meal Library so that folders are visible on small devices