Beaver Builder version - 09/21/2021


  • Improve updates message to account for different license situations
  • Update welcome page image
  • Update readme for Lite modules
  • Cache Clearing Tool: Improve Pagely cache clear

Bug Fixes

  • Subscribe Module: Fix error message alignment when Search module included in the layout
  • Icon Picker: various FontAwesome fixes including fixing broken domain check in kit settings, compatibility with FontAwesome plugin, AJAX search now respects admin icon settings, and fix kit displaying even if kit displays no icons
  • Number Counter Module: Fix preview not updating properly when changing the number
  • Code Editor: right click paste options now appears
  • Menu Module: Fix flyout menu panel showing after adding a new module
  • Global Modules: Fix global modules opening for editing after dropping it on the page to be consistent with Global Rows/Columns behavior
  • Cache Clear Tool: fix Pantheon cache clear not working properly
  • Fix certain HTML elements being stripped from post_content fl-builder block on publish
  • Fix images not being able to be cropped on the demo server
  • Menu Module: Fix separators being different sizes when search enabled