Beaver Builder version - 12/22/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Accordion Module: Fix items not being able to be closed manually and fix smooth opening and closing not working
  • Button Module: Fix hover color issue
  • Menu Module: Fix sub-menu items using inherit for backwards compatibility
  • Post Grid Module: Fix FontAwesome icons being enqueued when it is not needed
  • Search module: fix missing an echo statement in the value attribute
  • Outline Panel: Fix not being able to delete unavailable modules
  • Fix ACF cache not being cleared for option pages properly
  • Fix JS error when changing a module setting and using the Publish keyboard shortcut
  • Fix limit on repeater field not working inside a form field
  • Fix FontAwesome icons preload issue
  • Optimize visibility fix to prevent an infinite loop
  • SEO Plugin integrations: don't delete assets while fetching data to prevent 404 errors with assets

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