Beaver Builder version 2.5.1

2.5.1 - 12/9/2021

Security Fix

  • Fixed an issue with the get_excerpt function showing hidden content when using visibility settings. This only affects pages using visibility settings (including Themer’s conditional logic) to hide content and would allow others to view that content unauthorized via the WordPress REST API. This fix addresses all visibility issues, including the ones with Themer.


  • Add new shortcode [fl-safe] to wrap code in that is known to break the UI
  • Tweak the way we generate our unique node IDs to ensure that they always will be a string
  • Add offset option to Row Parallax background image
  • Allow user to choose images for different breakpoints when row is set to parallax background
  • Add support for Query Monitor to be used while inside the UI
  • Contact Form & Subscribe Form Modules: Show any WP_Error detected so it's easier to debug issues
  • Update Ace Editor to latest version
  • Update FontAwesome to latest version
  • Icon Group Module: Make spacing option responsive
  • Reduce number of queries for Saved nodes by switching from using get_terms function to get_the_terms since it's cached
  • Pricing Table Module: Make Advanced Spacing, Tooltip Icon Size, Feature Icon Size, Box Top Margin and Typography responsive
  • Fix conflict with Signify theme when adding media in UI
  • Add new filters fl_builder_render_css_row fl_builder_render_css_col fl_builder_render_css_module fl_builder_render_css_module_{$module->slug}

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with Slide Right animation
  • Fixed Saved nodes not retaining categories when published in BB UI
  • Button Group Module: Fix background animation not working
  • Video Module: Fixed flash on loading when set to loop
  • Accordion Module: Fix "Expand first item" option issue with anchor links
  • Content Slider Module: Fix module autoplaying when clicking on the arrows
  • Menu Module: Fix no smooth scrolling on mobile and not closing properly after clicking an anchor link
  • Button Module: Fix column text color overriding module color
  • Subscribe Module: Fix Mailjet integration only showing 10 lists
  • Callout Module: Fix issues with rel attribute
  • Fix UI being broken when removing some keyboard shortcuts with fl_builder_keyboard_shortcuts hook
  • Add select2 text color for UI Dark Mode
  • Pricing Table Module: Fix custom icons not working in feature list
  • WPML: Fix cache clear issue when switching domains
  • Menu Module: Fix missing closing li tags
  • Fix fatal error in UI in certain circumstances when plugins add widgets
  • Menu Module: Logo option now correctly outputs alt attribute
  • Fix fatal error if search enabled in Menu Module but Search module is disabled in settings and is_module_disable_enabled is set to true

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