Beaver Builder version 2.5.2

2.5.2- 02/10/2022


  • Menu module: add submenu indicators on mobile
  • Content Slider: Focus on slide when editing
  • Login Module: Add new option for redirect
  • WPCLI: Add duplicate function
  • Prevent WP Post Page Clone plugin from adding duplicate links to posts/pages where BB is used to prevent it breaking our data
  • Add pop-up when upload_path is set to alert user of the issue as it will prevent the UI from working
  • Add database collation info to our debug mode output
  • If user templates are deleted in the UI, they now go to the trash first to ensure consistency with WP functions

Bug Fixes

  • Menu module: fix padding on menu items with a sub-menu
  • Button module: Fix border Style not working if width not specified
  • Photo module: Caption causes the image to go out of their container
  • Number Counter: fix animation not starting when number is not shown
  • Menu module: Fix both menus opening upon clicking on the menu button
  • Fix background video's Audio Control Not Shown in Firefox
  • Video Module: fix other video types showing as selectable when they are not supported
  • Fix PHP Notice WP_Scripts::localize was called incorrectly
  • Photo Module: Ensure the same sizes are shown in Photo module and Gallery Module lightbox option
  • Fix Global column disappearing from UI after saving row as global
  • Button Group module: Fix responsive alignment not working on vertical layout
  • Posts Module: Hide TEC options when post type selected is not the TEC post type
  • Pricing table: fix features preview not working properly
  • Pricing table: fix features display in Safari
  • Sanitize Site URLs for our use to prevent it from breaking the UI
  • Fix notice: Warning: Undefined variable $widget_class
  • Fix glitch with select2 where it won't stay open when clicking in some cases
  • Remove a PHP comment that was triggering some hosts' security protection to delete the file which resulted in the Outline Panel not working

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