Beaver Builder version 2.6.2

2.6.2 - 1/19/2022


  • Adjust styling for link field additional options (#2390)
  • Allow enabling of WP's medium_large image size that was previously disabled in BB (#2363)
  • Add hook fl_builder_cropped_image_deleted (#2285)
  • Decrease heartbeat tick rate from 30s to 120s (#2247)
  • Rename Debug Mode title from Debug Mode Disabled to just Debug Mode (#1884)
  • Add a URL parameter to not load revisions in debug mode and another to actually clear revisions and history(#2313)
  • Add optional dependency for icon fields so that modules that use icons can not load FontAwesome when FontAwesome is disabled (#1753)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix deprecation notices with PHP 8.2 (#2400)
  • Button Module: Fix focus color issue after opening link in a new tab (#2323)
  • Content Slider Module: Fix mobile font size being overridden by default styling (#2378)
  • Content Slider Module: Fix mobile title and text color settings not working (#2289)
  • Icon Group Module: Fix background color when using DashIcons (#1876)
  • Icon Group Module: Fix sub-form fields with the same name as the module not previewing properly (#1711)
  • List Module: Fix sub-form fields with the same name as the module not previewing properly (#1712)
  • Number Counter Module: make sure number prefix and suffix fields toggle as expected (#2299)
  • Post Modules: Fix filters not working correctly when multiple post types are selected and individual posts are selected to be shown (#2396)
  • Post Module: Fix WooCommerce sections being missing when using main query (#2428)
  • Post Module: Prevent the Post Module from crashing the browser when there are a lot of taxonomy terms(#2424)
  • Fix slashes being added to Post Module custom layout when Small Data Mode is enabled (#2387)
  • Compatibility: Fix row background connected to an ACF image field not loading when Yoast is active (#2334)
  • Fix parent column padding being applied to child columns as well when in the UI (#2029)
  • Adjust tooltip background style if the UI is in dark mode (#2290)
  • Debug Mode: Fix slashes being added in CSS and a fatal error with PHP 8.1 (#2412)

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