Beaver Builder version 2.6.3

2.6.3 - 03/20/2023

Security Fixes

  • Ensure template type name is sanitized to prevent possible XSS injections (#2538)


  • Performance: Don't make AJAX request if history is disabled (#2438)
  • Performance: set update_term_meta_cache to false (#2445)
  • Performance: Disable debug code that should only be run when Builder UI is open (#2540)
  • Icon Group Module: Link field now supports field connections (#2461)
  • Debug Mode: Show revision count on hover of Post titles and add ability to edit code sections of the BB theme (#2398 & #2499)
  • Post Module: add field connection for Post Element class field (#2549)
  • FLBuilderCSS methods now support an array of selectors (#2478)
  • Updates for WordPress 6.2 and React 18 compatibility (#2566)

Bug Fixes

  • Number Counter Module: Fix counter animating more than once (#2510)
  • Column border still appears even when it's set to 0 (#2416)
  • Fix video background resizing on android device when swiping (#1887)
  • Yoast SEO: Make sure BB templates and categories are not indexable content (#2503)
  • Tabs Module: Fix active tab being set to 0 not working (#2493)
  • Prevent dropping a module inside a Global Column (#2224)
  • Fix gradients on rows not working correctly with Small Data Mode enabled (#2385)
  • Posts Module: Make sure validation for number of columns field only applies to columns layout (#2555)
  • Gallery Module: fix SmugMug galleries being broken on some servers (#2562)

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