Beaver Builder version 2.7.3

2.7.3 - 10/11/2023

  • Add Outline Panel to the tour (#2917)
  • Subscribe Module: Rename SendInBlue to Brevo due to their rebrand (#2899)

Bug Fixes

  • A11y: Fix focus issues with tabbing through the page (#2492)
  • A11y: Fix accordion not opening when tabbing through accordion items (#1041)
  • Tabs Module: Fix active tab option not working when dynamic content is used (#2936)
  • Tabs Module: When all tabs are closed on mobile, fix first item having active styling applied (#2933)
  • Fix RGBA values not always displaying correctly in the color picker (#2922)
  • Subscribe Module: Brevo (Formerly SendInBlue) service now shows up to 50 lists (#2922)
  • Fix column width always rendering as 100% when Column Max Width option is enabled in Global Settings (#2888)
  • Outline Panel: Fix context menu being inaccessible for items at the very bottom of the page (#2850)
  • Fix duplicating nodes quickly creating additional greyed out clones (#2845)
  • Posts Module: Fix pagination not working on a page with the same slug as the post type being displayed (#2774)
  • Fix compatibility with ClassicPress 2.0 (#2752)
  • Accordion Module: Fix accordion not staying open when clicked when it is inside of a Tabs module (#2492)
  • Fix not being able to edit a saved module if it had 0 margins (#1989)
  • Post Slider Module: Fix deprecated warning notice in PHP 8.2 (#2914)
  • Fix Shortcode content rendering inside text module when clicking the shortcode(#2935)

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