Beaver Builder version 2.7.4

2.7.4 - 12/14/2023

  • Performance: Optimize Template loading in the UI (#3038)
  • Code Editor: Shortcodes no longer trigger errors in Ace Editor when Shortcode support in CSS/JS is enabled (#2872)
  • Node CSS/JS: HTML now detected in JS when Shortcode support in CSS/JS is not enabled (#2929)
  • Saved Nodes: category will now be added to the HTML in the WP Admin as a class (#2806)
  • Post Module: add JS trigger event gridScrollComplete to module wrapper for load more and scroll pagination (#1558)
  • Aspect Ratio: Now allows float values (#2981)

Bug Fixes

  • WP 6.4: Fix 404 if launching BB on a new post/page with no title (#3040)
  • Safe Mode: images are no longer cropped (#2662)
  • Fix equal columns width issue at small breakpoint (#3011)
  • Fix fatal error with PHP 8.2 if column CSS array key does not exist (#2983)
  • Accordion Module: Fix live preview of label text color (#2992)
  • Callout Module: If no text is added, container divs are not added (#2961)
  • Post Module: Fix pagination on a page with the same slug as the post type being displayed (#2774)
  • Post Carousel Module: Fix JS error if Move Slides option is set to blank (#3041)
  • Subscribe Module: Fix Aweber integration with multiple tags (#2985)
  • Video Module: Fix invalid date in structured data (#3005)

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