Beaver Builder version 2.7

2.7 "Cascade" - 04/19/2023

Beaver Builder 2.7 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon.

Please check out the Release Post for highlights of what's new or the "About this Release" doc for all of the details.


  • Enable new responsive editing experience. It's now in an iFrame. The experience should be not only more accurate but better to work with. There is a toggle in Advanced Settings to disable this experience and go back to the prior editing experience if a problem occurs.
  • Visibility: switch from dropdown breakpoint select to icons allowing more flexibility (#1954)/li>
  • Add option to reverse columns order on Medium breakpoint (#2165)
  • Add option to have CSS/JS for each node in the Advanced tab of the settings. This is enabled by default.
  • Add integration with ACF Pro Blocks so that you can use them inside the BB UI. Check out our sample plugin for how to use this integration
  • Enable multi-select of Post Types in Accordion/Tabs Modules (#2264)
  • Render shortcodes in the Loop custom field filter (#2588)
  • Collapse the Export/Import section on the Advanced tab by default (#2547)
  • Add new option to Advanced Settings to enable/disable collapse all settings (#2547)
  • Add new filter to disable WordPress autop function fl_enable_wpautop (#1883)
  • Login Module: Add login/logout button styling, styling for form element and add an option to show a message after successful login (#1120 & #1099)
  • Typography: Add other unit options for letter spacing (#2515)
  • Accordion/Tabs Modules: Add option to display excerpt instead of full content when displaying dynamic data (#2348)
  • Content Slider: Add overall style and Typography options for all slides (#1392)
  • Countdown Module: Add UTC Timezones and a URL redirect option once countdown finishes (#2354 & 1823)
  • Post Carousel Module: Add new filter for path fl_builder_posts_carousel_layout_path (#2391)
  • Post Slider Module: Add new filter for path fl_builder_posts_slider_layout_path (#2391)
  • Add extra arguments to the fl_builder_after_render_shortcodes filter for improved compatibility with WP Courseware plugin (#2259)
  • Detect Dreamhost 418 error for mod security (#2596)
  • Performance Boost: Tweak the way we load/count revisions in the UI to use less memory (#2644)

Bug Fixes

  • Button Module: Use role=button only when lightbox is in use per Accessibility guidelines (#2494)
  • Fix vertical centering failing when aspect ratio is used (#2522)
  • Posts Module: make sure the related fields toggle when Featured image is hidden (#2517)
  • Make sure revision count only shows on hover in the WP Admin when BB debug is enabled (#2601)
  • Ensure that the eye icons in the overlays and outline panel are consistent when there are visibility settings (#2599)
  • Heading Module: When changing the tag, make sure it live previews (#2590)
  • Fix issue with margin/padding placeholders not being accurate when using Auto Spacing (#2581)
  • Fix bug where if you used duplicate file names and the cropping image feature, it might display the wrong image (#2577)
  • Reverse order of columns when columns are stacked at the medium breakpoint now works (#2574)
  • Fix TranslatePress language switcher showing twice in the BB UI (#2544)
  • Fix JS error when saving Global Settings (#2560)
  • Fix Widgets appearing broken in the Outline Panel and provide more information for the widget (#2529)
  • Menu Module: Fix a couple issues with single page menus relating to the responsive menu not behaving properly and smooth scrolling not working properly (#2497)
  • Button Group Module: Fix CSS issue when using rgb for hover color (#2506)
  • Fix slider modules not loading when inserted in a lightbox (#1792)
  • Fix asset URLs when using translation plugins and different URLs for languages (#2523)
  • TEC: Make sure filters only show when Event post type is selected (#2629)

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