Beaver Builder version - 02/28/2024


  • Fix moving nodes in FireFox requiring a click after drag and drop (#3191)
  • Fix Global Styles menu option showing when using an incompatible version of Themer (#3202)
  • Fix upgrading/downgrading from License tab in WP Admin settings stalling(#3181)
  • Fix Box Module settings not opening if used in a global saved row or column (#3173)
  • Fix PHP warning with PHP 8.3 if Themer is active(#3160)
  • Fix default padding for rows and columns not working at the small breakpoint(#3172)
  • Performance: Fix deleting a parent node causing a request for each child (#3204)
  • Fix preview issue with Box module presets (#3167)
  • Tweak previous link field fixes to auto-sanitize link field input to protect against XSS(#3175)
  • Add fixes for CPTs using core taxonomy not showing in Themer location options (#3215)
  • Reworked parent select menu to show actions for each node (#3212)

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