Beaver Builder version 2.8.1

2.8.1 - 04/17/2024

  • Improved BB Settings Export/Import to use serialization to fix various bugs when importing. Prior exports will not work with the new system. (#3283)
  • Box Module now requires WordPress version 5.2+. Versions below 5.2 will not see the Box Module in the UI (#3226)


  • New keyboard shortcut Shift+R to toggle through breakpoints in reverse order (#3159)
  • Menu Module: add new filters fl_builder_menu_toggle_button and fl_builder_menu_toggle_button to the render-toggle-button function allowing manipulation of the nav element for the flyout menu (#2958)
  • Add delay to overlay submenus to ensure they don't close too quickly (#3309)
  • Add vh as a unit to Box Module fields (#3325)
  • Add new toggles in Advanced Settings to include BB Theme and WordPress theme colors to color pickers (#3328)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Row overlay menu icons when the row is at the top of the page and visibility options are used (#2883)
  • Disable the Outline Panel for roles with restricted editing to avoid unauthorized permissions (#2924)
  • Fix the Slideshow Module not displaying when using some default WordPress themes (#2967)
  • Adjust styling for links in our alert modals (#3179)
  • Fix editing Popups created by Pop-Up Maker when the pop-ups are disabled (#3292)
  • Fix linear gradient not working properly when Small Data Mode is enabled (#3285)
  • Fix modules dropped below a Box Module ending up in the wrong place (#3302)
  • Text Editor Module: Adjust styling so the link search box is not covered (#3304)
  • Box Module: Fix overlay on modules that overflow (#3309)
  • Fix Typography font size slider not using the proper steps (#3266)
  • Fix nested form fields not live previewing when added or duplicated (#3336)
  • Fix Rows not appearing in the Saved Tab of the Content Panel when editing a template (#3288)
  • Posts Module: Fix post alignment problem when using scroll pagination (#204)


  • Ensure that JS needed for upgrades/downgrades only loads where needed (#3299)

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