Beaver Builder version 2.8.2

2.8.2 - 05/23/2024


  • Add copy/paste to parent menu (#3380)
  • Show color value in color picker when clicking a Global connected color (#3367)
  • Photo Module: Add new filter to change the photo link (#356)
  • Add filter to disable the tour option (#1104)
  • Post Module: Add option to disable paged autoscroll (#2219)
  • Add an indicator to Node CSS/JS tabs (#3331)
  • Debug Mode: Add enabled/disabled modules section and previous version info (#3233 & 3314)
  • Add version info to body tag for easier discovery (#2740)
  • Try to detect PHP Memory Limit errors (#3196)

Bug Fixes

  • Accordion Module: Fix redundant link and ARIA failure A11y issues (#3333 & #2676)
  • Box Module: Fix Grid Alignment not always working properly (#3250)
  • Box Module: Fix incorrect module margin placeholders (#3367)
  • Login Module: Fix sanitization of password field so special characters are not removed (#2480)
  • Fix issue with a duplicated Global Color still using the original color (#3351)
  • Fix Header Themer Layout showing nodes that should be hidden at the breakpoint when editing pages (#3280)
  • Fix saving issue when multiple Gravity Forms forms are on the page (#3105)
  • Fix Column Margins/Padding not live previewing (#3170)
  • Gallery Module: Fix photos overflowing when you resize column (#2991)
  • Photo Module: Fix caption not aligning with image when using a custom width (#2295)
  • Media: Show alert when Media uploader is blocked for the user role (#3317)

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