Beaver Builder version 2.8.3

2.8.3 - 06/27/2024


  • Add class for columns with background images (#1658)
  • Debug: Add history counts (#3323)
  • Clear cache when you import BB settings (#3441)

Bug Fixes

  • Security: Update libraries for MailJet and MailerLite integrations (#3426)
  • Security: Use sanitize_html_class for icon classes where necessary in Icon, Button, Post, Accordion and Pricing Table modules (#3462)
  • Fix container modules not being read by Relevanssi (#3460)
  • Fix not being able to drag into the Box module when it has no padding (#3435)
  • Fix conflict with Yoast SEO when an image has shortcode in alt text (#3468)
  • Countdown Module: Fix styling of field connection window (#3439)
  • Fix issue with ACF Blocks integration where shortcodes in Post Module were returning no data (#3431)
  • Fix fatal error with ACF Color field set tor return RGBA Array (#3389)
  • Fix integration with ClassicPress 2 (#3405)
  • Outline Panel: Fix dragging into box modules in global rows (#3411)
  • Fix validation errors in CSS (#3194)
  • Fix PHP warning with jsmin when using PHP 7.0 (#3182)
  • Slideshow: Fix boxes transition showing blank/empty image on mobile (#185)

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