Beaver Builder version 2.8

2.8 "Alpine" - 02/08/2024

Beaver Builder 2.8 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon.

Please check out the Release Post for highlights of what's new or the "About this Release" doc for all of the details.


  • Security: Add additional sanitization and escaping when rendering URLs to prevent XSS
  • Security: Fix Reflected (DOM-Based) XSS issue
  • Security: Fix issues with shortcodes potentially rendering protected content to those without access (#3116)


  • NEW: Box Module lets you easily create flexbox and CSS grid layouts. Also new are some Box module presets to get you going faster!
  • NEW: Global Styles and Global Colors are here. Access via new Global Styles option in the Tools Menu
  • NEW: Install other licensed products right from the License tab in the BB settings (#2816)
  • Photo Module: Add object fit and position option to the style tab
  • Add integration for Popup Maker Plugin so you can use BB to create the pop-ups and select popups in link fields
  • Added the new move menu to overlays for moving rows, columns, and modules with a click
  • Added the new select parent menu to overlays for selecting the parent node of columns and modules.
  • Added column groups to the outline panel with the ability to move and delete them
  • Improved the overall drag and drop experience in the outline panel
  • Add new NorthCommerce Module that lets you display the results of NorthCommerce shortcodes
  • Exclude History Manager data when exporting (#2795)
  • Performance improvement for the Advanced tab options in the BB WP Admin Settings (#3057)
  • Add missing translations for strings in JS (#3121)
  • Add sr only text for Menu Module search icon(#3119)
  • Menu Module: Make link padding responsive and add new option for responsive toggle padding
  • Post Carousel & Post Slider: Add excerpt length option
  • Add notice to Icons section in WP Admin settings regarding FontAwesome
  • Tools Menu: Add option to open Media Library
  • Performance: Remove needless AJAX requests
  • Export/Import: Add options for what to export
  • CSS variables can now be used in the color picker


  • Standardized overlays for rows, columns, and modules so they all look and work the same
  • Move the row actions overlay menu to the row settings menu
  • Removed the column menu on modules in favor of the select parent menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with new modules not being enabled when upgrading (#3144)
  • Fix JS error when clicking in color picker after using Publish keyboard shortcut (#2489)
  • List Module: fix preview text not working (#2813)
  • Fix Tools menu title being sticky when scrolled (#3070)
  • Fix fatal error with "Theme My Login" plugin on their dynamically generated pages (#3078)
  • Fix issue with row background gradients when small data mode is enabled (#3074)
  • Escape HTML in UI for saved nodes/templates (#3065)
  • Fix PHP 8.2 deprecation notice in jsmin class (#3062)
  • Increase contrast on Icon Picker search placeholder in Dark Mode (#3059)
  • Video Module: Fix a fatal error in PHP 8+ when video width is 0 (#3072)
  • Fix issue with cache helper hiding hosts if you disable it (#3030)
  • Post Carousel Module: Fix PHP Warning when there's no featured image (#3046)
  • Text Editor Module: Adjust styling for active tab


  • preview_text parameter now accepts an array of values (#2813)
  • Add filters to modify settings before rendering CSS: fl_builder_before_render_css_row, fl_builder_before_render_css_col, fl_builder_before_render_css_module (#3109)
  • Fix callbacks not firing in the iFrame UI
  • Add category as a class to all saved node's HTML in the UI (#3087)
  • Add filter fl_builder_global_colors_json to control whether the WP colors are shown in the color picker as options

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