Beaver Builder with revision workflow

We have the requirement to have a workflow in place around the pages created in WordPress.

We have Beaver Builder installed for use on posts, pages, and a number of custom post types.

The permissions (user roles) have had to be extended as various users have different permissions in different areas of the site. Therefore we’ve used ACF fields to create a number of groups for users to exist in. So a user can publish a post, but their page edits need reviewing. On top of this there is then a user role that will need to approve users changes, but if that user is in more than one group, their ability to publish a post may only exist in one section of the site.

Complicated as this is, we have tried the Revisionary plugin by Publish Press but find it has issues with contributor roles / posts / custom pages permissions.

Any ideas for a plugin that works with Beaver Builder for revisions? Or possibly a custom solution idea?


Charlene, I am very interested in this also. Did you find a solution?