Beaver Builder Won't Edit Page

I just updated to the latest version of Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version) this morning. Now when I go to edit a page using Beaver Builder I don’t get any editing functions - the page just looks and operates as a normal website. I can select anything to alter, buttons, text, etc.

I went through all the suggestions about disabling plugins, checking my own jQuery files, and generally removing anything that could be conflicting. No luck.

I took a look at the JavaScript console like someone in another thread suggested, and found this (screenshot below). Has anyone else experienced this? It feels like a conflict, but I’ve disabled everything it could be conflicting with without any luck. Any help would be appreciated.

I fixed the issue. A while back I added some code outside of the plugins, and the issue turned out to be a jQuery conflict. The conflict didn’t exist until I updated to the newest version of Beaver Builder. To fix this I moved the jQuery code up above <?php wp_head(); ?> and the conflict was resolved.