Beaver Builder won't open on Chrome (after new update)

Update Beaver Builder this weekend and now when I try to edit a page with Beaver Builder I get an error. After looking it over, it seems one of the new “features” is “Responsive Iframe UI” – if I turn this off in Settings=>BB then select Advanced, and turn off the “Responsive Iframe UI” it loads properly in Chrome and FireFox. iFrames essentially let you include a different web page inside your web page; this has some security implications, which is probably why Chrome doesn’t like BB at all, and FireFox complains but lets you open the page in a new window.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix?

Its hard to know as you didnt include the actual error :wink:

Sounds like you are having issues with the “new” iframe responsive mode that was added 7 months ago!

If you post the url to the site I can check if you have certain HTTP headers that can stop it from working.