Beaver Builder Won't Publish Changes

Hello! I am experiencing a weird Beaver Builder issue on certain pages on my website where my changes are not ultimately saved/displayed. When I activate BB and click on a text box, duplicate text editing boxes appear. I make my changes in both boxes, click save, then Done and Publish. For a moment, my changes appear on the page. However, as soon as I refresh the page or navigate away, the changes disappear. I’ve updated the plugin and waited to see if the issue would be resolved but it has now been going on for 30+ hours.
Thank you in advance for any help!!

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I’m having the same problem, but I’ve found that the changes are visible when looking at the pages on a phone screen, but only the text is (without any of the formatting) on a desktop browser. Odd and frustrating.
I’m wondering if it’s just a delay, or if I’ve missed ticking some box to apply the changes for desktop and phone browsers?

Hey Emma… I hit Ctrl + F5… then it worked!