Beaver building caching issue

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I’ve recently started using Beaverbuilder and I’m a real fan. But I run into this issue where the page I created in the Beaver Builder back-end looks different than the page I see when the page is published.

Based on this description one would say that there is a caching issue. However I always purge the Cache of the specific page in Cloudflare. But even when done, the issue remains.

I’ve also found another topic about removing the cache from the beaver builder settings. Yet that also didn’t do the trick.

Does anyone have an idea what I’m missing?

Here is a screenshot from the backend of

If you open the page incognito you see that it ignores the styling settings: De TJDA Way - Thijs Joosten (I can only upload one image)

If anyone is able to point me in the right direction I’ll be very grateful :slight_smile:

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Do you have the cloudflare plugin installed and connected to your account via your API key? If so when you publish it will clear your CF cache.

Add /?nocache to your URL to bypass the CF cache btw.

Also I see you are using autooptimise plugin, do you have that setup to cache pages? If so CF is caching your cached page…

Does your host have caching at the server level? If so CF I caching the cached cache cached cache.

Hi there,

Thank you for your quick reply!

I have the cloudflare plugin installed and connected to my account. I do see in the settings that the option " Auto Purge Content On Update" is currently switched off. (But I do always manually purge page cache through cloudflare after making changes and that didn’t solve the problem yet.

When I’m adding the nocache, or visiting the page through the console with ‘caching-disabled’ the page still loads incorrectly.

Hmm, I do also have caching on in Autoptimize. But this was recommended when setting it up. I’ve read that Cloudflare and Optimize are able to work together properly.

My host currently is Cloudflare, as they are proxying my domain now. But before that I was using Argeweb. However I don’t believe they have server side caching options at all.

Since viewing the page without a cache doesn’t show the page correctly. Could it be unrelated to cache?

When I look at the HTML I do see that it says text align center (as it should) however it is still displayed with a ‘left’ alignment.

Maybe something is adding CSS that overwrites my settings in Beaverbuilder?

It turned out to be the plugin Add expires cache headers that was creating the issues.

Thanks for the help!

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