Beaver Building editing bar on top not showing


I created my home page using beaver builder but now when i go back to edit it, its not showing top editing bar anymore, it shows up fine on any other page but just not home page.

Ive tried deactivating pluggin route and setting home page to different page in reading under settings but no luck. Please help

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I have exactly the same issue!!! Can anyone help with this?

I am also having same problem on all pages, i tried disabling other plugins but then also it didn’t worked out. Plzz someone help.

has your issue sorted out, i am also facing the same issue

Has your issue sorted out? i am also facing same issue. I have disabled all my previous plugins but still unable to view the editing tool bar of beaver builder!

I fixed it by looking for any extra code I may have put in that didn’t work by going into safe mode (more info here:

I hope it works out for you @indiaearnmoneyonline!


if u use cache method, maybe on page where didn’t see top bar try this :slight_smile:
CTRL + F5.

Sometimes it’s give nice result.


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