Beaver Migration

Hi Guys,

So I’m migrating a site thats been built with Beaver Builder, I’ve done the search replace then I’ve fixed all the serialization with a preg_replace.

However, the page is all over the place until I click on Builder, as soon as I click Builder everything looks fine and ok. What the hell could cause this, it seems to be rendering fine with the builder, but not fine on the front end?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Kieran,

Interesting, sounds like a botched migration, search and replace or something to that effect unfortunately. I get this occasionally in my migrations as well and it appears it doesn’t have anything to do with BB, but how the tools used for migration operate (sometimes ineffectively). Have you tried Better Search and Replace?

Edit: just used WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time today and it works beautifully on moving databases as well as performing the serialized search and replace!


Hey Billy,

Unfortunately we are unable to use any tools such as Better Search and Replace as the installation process is automated.

The search and replace is done first, then the serialisation fix after - this is the only way we can do it.

It just seems odd that the site is messed up when viewing, but if I was to go into the builder and click done, then publish. It would straight away work?

Is there anyway at all to hook into the save functionality of Beaver?


Hey Kieran,

Hmm, I wonder if the process there is what is causing issues. Hard to say unfortunately. Have you tried clearing BB’s cache as well as re-saving permalinks by chance? No, there really isn’t any way to hook into BB’s save functionality.


Hi Billy,

Maybe I’m missing something in a separate area of the database?

After saving using the Beaver builder I checked the post_meta table and nothing at all had changed relating to that POST ID other than “_edit_lock”, when saving - what other tables and columns would it affect. I’ve got a feeling that’s the area I am missing.


Hi Kieran! Sorry you’re having trouble.

I’ve done the search replace then I’ve fixed all the serialization with a preg_replace.

I am not an expert with the inner-workings of data serialization, but it’s very important that this step is done correctly. How are you running a preg_replace? Are you doing this with PHP? Regardless, it sounds like this method isn’t working.

Can you explain the automated installation process? Even if you can’t run the Search/Replace script on the live server, you could always run it on a different (maybe local) server, then export the database from there and import it to the live site. Do you have access to phpMyAdmin on the live server to import/export the database?

And or, do you have the ability to install plugins on the live site? You could use a migration plugin like WP Migrate DB to bring in the database.

Lastly, just out of curiosity, where are you hosting the site?