Beaver Not giving me option to delete modules

BB is not giving me any option to delete modules!
I put in a template for a module and wanted to delete the old module but cannot.
I spent an hour or so trying to solve this and in the process created more modules (empty) I cannot delete either!
I read where someone said that you should not have popups blocked. I unblocked them BUT even so I am not even getting a ROLLOVER OPTION to delete the modules!
Any idea how to fix this? Very frustrating and wasted a lot of time!

Hi Mike,
Try the below step. Enable Safe mode and see if it will let you delete it. Just add &safemode to the end of your admin page url. An example is below in the instructions. Good luck.

Enable Safe Mode

To enable safe mode when opening a page for editing in Beaver Builder:

  1. Try to open the page in Beaver Builder in the normal fashion.
  2. When the page fails to open, append &safemode to the end of the URL.


  1. Check each module, looking especially for any custom HTML or JavaScript. Custom HTML can be inserted into any field that accepts text. JavaScript is more likely to have been placed in an HTML or Text Editor module.
  2. Save or publish the page.
  3. Now try opening the page in Beaver Builder in the normal fashion to make sure the page is working.