Beaver plugin not working

Is there a bug with BB when using the X theme? It was working fine for just 1 hour and all of the sudden when i launch BB nothing happens, the BB page builder doesn’t open up, I cant edit my page any longer please help me with that.

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Hi Esther,

Sorry to hear about the issues! There aren’t any known conflicts with X theme that we know of at the moment, but this sounds more like a plugin conflict or caching issue. To start, could you please deactivate all of your plugins with the exception of BB and then test to see if it works as it should? If it does, go ahead and re-enable each one by one while testing BB to see if you can pinpoint the plugin throwing conflicts. Let me know what you find!


Hi Billy,

You’re correct it had nothing to do with the BB plugin or X theme. It was an issue in my settings under general… i added www. to my url, that’s what caused the conflict.


Aha, glad you got it working! :slight_smile: