Beaver Theme version 1.7.10

1.7.10 - 01/19/2022


  • Update calls to FontAwesome to use the latest release
  • Add TikTok and Spotify to Social Icons

Bug Fixes

  • Fix WooCommerce Sidebar on Left not displaying before content on mobile
  • Fix italic not working for body text
  • Fix tagline displaying even when logo used and the option to disable it is missing
  • Fix block editor's Cover block CSS getting overridden by ours
  • Fix header set to Fade In on boxed layout being full width instead of fixed width
  • Fix shrink Header being narrower if responsive breakpoint is set to always
  • Fix alignwide & alignfull not working for Gallery block or any block that uses ul/ol in block editor
  • Add explicit height and width to Header logo to help with CLS

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