Beaver Theme version 1.7.3

1.7.3 06/06/2019


  • New filter fl_theme_disable_schema added to disable all schema added by the theme.
  • New filter fl_theme_breakpoint_opts added to configure theme breakpoints in JS.
  • Theme breakpoints for mobile and tablet are now configurable via WP customizer.
  • Added separate submenu icon to toggle on mobile nav.
  • Added noopener and noreferrer to social links.
  • New Vietnamese translation added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed menu disappears at 992px issue.
  • Fixed menu nav alignment in medium devices.
  • Fixed issue with logo and wp-rocket lazyload.
  • Fixed logo and menu alignment in BS4 layout.
  • Fixed scrollbar on BS4 with full-width layout.
  • Fixed mobile nav issue when using BS4 layout.
  • Fixed input slider field where number value should not below the minimum in customizer.
  • Update responsive text sizes ONLY if the original value is not the default.