Beaver Theme version 1.7.6

1.7.6 04/13/2020


  • Add hook wp_body_open.
  • Remove type='javascript' from script enqueues.
  • Make custom button font styling settings responsive.
  • Allow the changing of all default font sizes for all devices via fl_theme_add_panel_data filter.
  • Add site title color control.
  • Add padding-top option for shrink and fixed header.
  • Add position from top option for hamburger menu.
  • Custom button styles now apply to WooCommerce buttons
  • Added toggles to responsive options in Customizer
  • Add new classes to Footer Widget columns to allow more styling options

Bug Fixes

  • Fix PHP 7.4 Notices
  • Fix Self-hosted videos extending outside the container.
  • Fix menu items being hidden on devices when hide-heading class is used.
  • Fix Google Maps social icon missing.
  • Fix custom social icon color being blank.
  • Fix issue with logo in header staying small when refreshing at the bottom of the page.
  • Fix jump links from different pages not working when fixed header set to shrink.
  • Fix WooCommerce product Lightbox not working properly if theme Woo styling is turned.
  • Fix input height issue.
  • Fix current menu highlighting not working properly when page and custom link to same location appear in the same menu.
  • Fix top bar menu alignment on small devices
  • Fix for full width Gutenberg images not displaying as full width with our Full Width Layout
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