Beaver Themer 1.3 Beta

Hello all, we have moved Themer 1.3 to Beta stage. Here is what you can find in Beta 1.


Beta 1


  • Added support for BigCommerce . This integration is similar to our WooCommerce integration. The BigCommerce WordPress plugin is required to use.

  • In WP admin, you can now publish/unpublish Themer layouts from the Themer layout list

  • If you access a Themer layout from viewing a page/archive, etc, after editing the Themer layout, it will redirect you to the page you came from instead of keeping you on the Themer layout

  • Added a settings cog next to a Themer layout so that you can now access editing a Themer layout in the WP admin in addition to opening up the Themer layout to edit in BB.

1.3 Beta 2 - 01/07/2020


  • Event Calendar: Text Editor module alias for the event website.
  • Event Calendar: Add Event Venue to Posts Module options.
  • Event Calendar: Hide countdown module if not using TEC Pro.