Beaver Themer 1.4 Beta

1.4 Beta 1 - 07/12/2021


  • Add expression support to shortcodes which allows you to check for specific values with wpbb-if
  • ACF: Show field slug for fields in the new field dropdown selector
  • ACF: Add support for Taxonomy fields
  • Post Navigation Module: Add new options to choose what to display and style various parts
  • Add to Cart Module: Add hover styling options
  • Add some changes to still be compatible with WordPress 4.9

Bug Fixes

  • Header layout: fix responsive editor moving content to the left when overlay is active
  • Header layout: fix sticky header going underneath the WP Admin Bar
  • TEC: Fix Organizer module showing Title even if no Organizers are added to an event
  • Fix Themer Override menu item not showing in the Tools menu if UABB Premium is enabled
  • Fix WP Editor content not showing when enabling Themer Override feature and then discarded changes
  • Fix notices on WP 5.8 Block Widget Screen

Other Changes

  • Remove field connection options on Archive layout that pull in some latest post data