Beaver themer + beaver builder + Underscores

Hi, I am not a wordpress developer, having no coding knowledge
I download a starter theme from
Can I use beaver builder to set the page content area, as well as use beaver themer to customize the header, footer. in this case, I can build my own named theme without a line a codings

Is this workable? thanks

why are you not using the Free Astra theme? It is fully compatible with BB.

There is Astra branding in the source code, I do not want business competitors know the theme

Ok. Understand your point. Then you can try the Underscores theme. I think that BB will work with it.

if build the theme using beaver builder + beaver themer + underscores,
how should I do to keep the theme work well with the new wordpress version? thank

Underscore theme will not compatible with BB themer. You will use the custom PHP code and enable theme support for the Header/Footer/Part. Here is the guide line

Actually, I want to build my own named wordpress theme with beaver builder+beaver themer(to customize the header & footer)
which is the best starter theme to begin with? thanks

May be you will spend few dollars and hire a developer who will create a complete blank theme for you. Then you can use these theme for your unlimited client sites.