Beaver Themer executes 24 queries even when I'm not using it

I’m doing a performance optimization and after check Queries by components, I see BB Themer has the most queries quantity in the list. 24 queries which don’t reduce even if I delete all the themer modules. Right now I have bb-themer activated only, without any data and still, I get 24 queries.

The page I’m testing only have a BB plugin accordeon module. Nothing else.

I’m very concerned about Beaver impact on website performance.

Is this ok?

What queries are they … default install even with a themer layout on a single post I only see 14 queries, your page is over 100 queries as it is.

check the image, you’ll see beaver theme builder has 24 queries (not 14). Is the plugin with more associated queries. You’re saying it’s completely normal theme builder has 24 queries even without any layout created?

No I’m saying on my site I have 30 queries and 14 of them are themer
You have way over 100 queries on that page