Beaver Themer License

I am helping out a friend with her website and I need to purchase a license for the beaver themer as it does not seem to have an active license. I understand this can be entered in the settings > beaver builder>License. But she already seems to have an active license for the Beaver Builder Plugin and Beaver Builder Theme as shown here:

Updates & Support Subscription — Active!
The following downloads are currently available for remote update with the subscription(s) associated with this license.
Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version)
Beaver Builder Theme

So if I purchase a beaver themer license and enter that, will she loose the other licenses?
Note: She does not have access to the beaver builder account that was used initially to set all this up.

You can enter the Beaver Themer license to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > Beaver Builder > License which will allow you to update the Beaver Themer installed on the site already.

Once updated, you can then remove the license key and enter your clients Beaver Builder license again so they can update Beaver Builder and the BB Theme when an update is released.

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