Beaver themer removes a custom post type, when published, but not in draft....?

I’m trying to setup the woocommerce event manager plugin which creates a custom post type called event with some event-specific metadata appended and it generates an event page, showing said metadata. It also creates a mirrored ghost product in woocommerce.

As long as these event are in draft mode, they are shown perfectly on the event page, but when the beaver themer plugin is active, it deletes these event posts and redirects to the mirrored woocommerce product which is by then dysfunctional.

Beaverbuilder is set to not be active on this post type, so what can i do about it?

I’d recommend opening a support ticket. Themer works by hooking into post templates that are created in the “normal” WP way, but when plugins create custom post types there needs to be a hook of some kind into Themer so that it can recognise it as a template type.