Beaver Themer version 1.4.7

1.4.7 - 07/26/2023


  • Add new shortcode to support checking for a particular post type (#809)
  • ACF: Add separator option for relational field connection (#774)
  • Add two new hooks to help with WPML compatibility fl_theme_builder_saved_locations_for_type and fl_theme_builder_saved_locations_for_post_id

Bug Fixes

  • ACF: Fix JS error in location field when using certain special characters in post type (#797)
  • ACF: Fix detected fields not using select2 (#799)
  • Fix non-UTF characters breaking the location field (#812)
  • Make sure post type is correct in query object when using Themer filter by layout type in WP Admin (#806)
  • Only load core Themer classes if not present already in BB (#803)
  • Post Module: Fix only TEC Event post type being queried even if multiple selected (#669)

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