Beaver Themer version 1.4.8

1.4.8 - 09/19/2023


  • Post Module: Hide title tag select if custom layout is selected (#825)
  • Add exclusions to the layout table in WP Admin(#815)
  • ACF: Add custom class option for ACF Post Object field (#780)
  • ACF: Add display parameter to file field shortcode to output field name and other field related options (#748)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix shortcode for date returning output even when it should not (#828)
  • LearnDash: Fix archive layouts auto assigning to LearnDash taxonomies (#831)
  • Fix fatal error if $num_words is not an integer in our trim words function (#823)
  • Fix Themer Override option showing on Singular layouts (#827)
  • Make sure our fix to remove non UTF characters doesn't also remove Arabic characters (#812)

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