Beaverbuilder Elfsight Bug

Hi there, I am using a review plugin called Elfsight, this uses a JS script tag that is deployed within Beaver Builder. When the code is deployed on page, I am unable to edit background photos.

When i remove the script I can edit background images in BB.

I get a javascript(0)void thing at the bottom left when I hover over Edit or Remove in BB.

[script src=“” defer>
[div class=“elfsight-app-f2f0f64e-0ecb-4377-8782-bfb816299571”>

(I have used [ tags just for the post :))

Any ideas why the conflict is arising?

Is there a way to embed script tags in page aside from using the HTML module?

You can create a shortcode something like the following, then the shortcode will only render when the builder is NOT open

Thank you Simon, much appreicated, that worked.

Much love to the BB team :slight_smile:

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