Beaverbuilder on a GoodLayers theme

Hi, I like the themes GoodLayers releases, partly because of the contained pagebuilder. Beaverbuilder seems to be better and solves future migration issues to other themes.

What will happen if I install Beaverbuilder on a GoodLayers theme? Will both pagebuilders be accessible? I can imagine that it will cause some conflicts. Any idea on migrating content created with the GoodLayers pagebuilder?

Actually, I have the same question about Divi.

Thanks for your insights.

Divi and BeaverBuilder together, too much… isn’t it?

Hi Tom,

Thanks for contacting us and for your interest in our products. I agree, it may be a bit much to have two page builders in any one theme, but we have done this for one of our clients with VC and there were no conflicts. I don’t anticipate any conflicts, but there definitely is a possibility of some coming up using multiple page builder libraries that we just don’t have insight into if that makes sense. You are welcome to download a demo version of our plugin to test if you like via Let me know how it goes and if anything awry comes up in your environment that we should address! Thanks again for your interest!