BeaverBuilder theme demo

Is there a BB Theme demo available?

I’m a new Standard plan customer using only the BB plugin now.

I don’t want to shell out another $100 for this theme unless it is really going to save me headaches and time. $100 per year for this theme seems a bit steep but, I need some sort of assurance that its a smart purchase.

I would appreciate comments from customers who purchased the PRO plan and their thoughts on whether purchasing the PRO plan vs. the STANDARD plan was a good decision.

Thank you very much!


Hi Marcus,
Firstly it is not $100 per year. After the first year is is 40% off to renew.
All I can say is that I love the BB theme - I came from using Genesis/Dynamik and although I still think that is an awesome combination, the 4 or 5 sites I am currently working on are all using the BB theme and so far it does everything I need - I start of a theme by choosing one of the presets in the customizer, then fine tune from there.
Also I am encouraged by the work the guys have been doing improving the theme and I look forward to future updates…
I hope this helps…
Best regards, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! As always! :slight_smile:


You can demo our theme customizer options on the link below.

Regarding renewals, what Dave said is correct. You can check more info on our FAQs section or on the link below.

For me, personally, I love the BB theme because of its simplicity. I’ve good background on CSS and jQuery so if something’s not on the customizer, I simply add custom codes. I guess it would really depend on the layout you are trying to do and how much code you are willing to write. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, others will chime in here to give their opinion.


Thank you Dave and Ben!

I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded from STANDARD to PRO at least for the initial year.

I want to learn Bootstrap and as I understand it, the bb theme includes the Bootstrap framework. I took a bootstrap course some time ago and I remember being so impressed by the framework because you had to use classes which then called up pre-configured css. So if you learn the classes you have it made when styling.

Also, I’m working a project now that requires a clean theme and a lot of flexibility when placing menus, buttons and icons.

So, long story short I’m going to give it a try and report back in a few weeks once I complete the new project build.

Thanks again!

No worries, Marcus! Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: